Feature overview

What are the advantages of operartists.com web-sites?

A number of web-design firms are specialized in web-sites for performing artists, with a wide range of features. However, most services are either inflexible, or very costly.

Operartist.com offers feature rich web-sites at a reasonable cost, by taking advantage of the many features and modules of the content management system Drupal. By developing an installation profile tailored to performing artists, we can offer modern and dynamic pages, without having to reinvent the wheel for each new site, thus cutting down on the development times.

How the data entered into the "Performances" form gets disseminated to difference pages on the public web-site.

The "Performances" form is the central point of input for the most frequent data. First, the performer would input future performances, including company information and performance dates. For scheduled performances that are not yet public knowledge, one can create the page as "unpublish" and schedule publishing manually or at a specified date.

Once more information is available (pictures, video, audio), the information can get added to the performance page.

The image above shows the different input fields on the "Performances" form, available only to the site editor. The colored boxes indicate the pages where the content will appear (if not empty), for example:

If some performances should not appear on a subset of the summary pages, the web-site editor can choose to exclude these (for example, remove retired repertoire from the Repertoire page).

How does the "Contact Page" work?

The "Contact" page is administered through the "Contact" form. The web-site editor can choose destination email addresses for different categories. The "Contact page" then forwards requests to these email addresses without exposing the address to the sender. Additionally, a "CAPTCHA" ensures that the form has not been submitted by a script.
This is important for spam control. If email addresses are exposed on the web-site, robots will harvest these addresses and add them to spam lists. Adding the "CAPTCHA" will reduce form entries by automated scripts (spam).

How are the "News" and "Blog" pages used?

The web-site owner chooses how to use the "News" and "Blog" sections. A couple of options are available:

  • Combined "News" and "Blog" into one section on the home page and one separate page (see image). This option could be used for performers that choose not to blog frequently, but enter new reviews or press releases using the "News" input form.
  • Separate "News" and "Blog" sections for performers who blog frequently and choose to keep press coverage and blog pages separate
  • The Blog section can get replaced by a feed from the performer's Facebook or Twitter pages

How does the multilanguage option work?

This feature requires the "Multilanguage" feature to be enabled.
The web-site editor, if logged on to the site, will have a "translate" button available on each individual site. If no translation has been added, the "Translation" menu then pre-populates the translated page with the entry in the original language. The editor can then translate the content to the new language.

Certain content types like "blog" can be language neutral, and will appear in the original language only. The configuration can be chosen at setup time.

We can assist in providing translations from and to English and German for an additional fee.

Can I add a Newsletter?

A newsletter option can be added to the web-site. Interested visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe. A summary of performances and news can be send automatically to subscribers at intervals specified by the web-site editor. Alternatively, the editor can create newsletters manually and schedule the submission.

Can I choose my own design?

You are completely flexible regarding design. It depends on your preferences and your budget.
There are three different options available:

  1. Using a predefined template: The most cost-effective option is, to use the basic design used for http://ursula.operartists.com (see image above), with a different color scheme and font. A second example for this basic design (however, for a different clientele) be found at http://trumantechnologies.com (see image below).
  2. Adapting your own design: If you already have a web-site or design that you like, we can adapt the design to the content management system.
  3. If you prefer an individual page to your specs, we can create a new design for you.

How will the page look on a mobile device?

  • We are currently in the process of added a responsive theme to the basic site. Responsive themes are optimized for different browser and device types. The traditional page will be displayed on a traditional computer/laptop. When accessed from a mobile device, the web-server will respond with a web-page that is adjusted to the device size. This options will be available approximately mid May, 2012.

What do I need to do to get started, how does the process work?

First, you need to contact us using the "Contact" page, including a general idea of the options you want to include. We then define the options further and determine the fee.

Site options
  • Basic site (home page banner, blog, news section, upcoming performances, contact page, resume, repertoire, bio, press kit, gallery, and media pages)
  • Multilanguage option
  • Newsletter
  • Basic design
  • Adaption of a third party design
  • Individual design


  • Your own hostname
  • Sub hostname (yourname.operartists.com)


  • The length of the initial contract is 2 years

After the initial deposit, we will build a basic page for you to input your data. In parallel, we will work on the design and presentation on a development version of the site. For this, you need to supply us with all images and graphics that are needed for the design. The development site will always be available to you for viewing, to see the progress on the site.
Once all functions are implemented, and you are comfortable with the content, the site will be made public.

How will the site be hosted, what about the hostname?

For the initial contract, the site will be hosted on our super-fast cloud server with http://cleverkite.com. We will perform security updates and bug fixes regularly.
After the initial contract period is over, you can continue using our hosting services, or move the site to a hosting company of your choice.

You have a choice of hostnames:

  • We can register a hostname for you.
  • You can migrate an existing hostname to our site (we will help)
  • You can run your site as a subsite of operartists.com (yourname.operartists.com)

What are the general default settings?

The operartists.com web-pages are dynamic pages that use the content management system Drupal. Because of the dynamic nature, the site maintenance is more complex than with static web pages. Because all web-pages are generated on the fly by a script, a more powerful hosting server is required than for traditional web-pages.

By default, we include the following:

  • Daily log-monitoring to detect problems with the web-pages
  • Frequent server operating system updates.
  • Frequent Drupal security updates and bug fixes.
  • Basic search engine optimization using meta keywords and meta descriptions
  • An XML sitemap that automatically announces new content to the search engines Google and Bing.