Ursula Pieper, the founder of UPsites Web studio, was an opera singer in one of her previous lives, and is a current member of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus (see http://ursula.operartists.com). Building on this lifelong passion, she is launching http://operartists.com. The service provides feature-rich web-sites for the performing arts community that rely on the content management system Drupal.
Ursula enjoys networking with other singers, and has been an active member of singing related online forums and mailing lists. In the 90s, she mainly hung out at http://vocalist.org (when it was still hosted in Finland) and Opera-L, followed by the Classical Singer Forum, and the Humpy Baritone forum that metamorphed on a certain April 1st to http://nfcs.net. Today, she is busy pursuing other interests, but still checks regularly for interesting posts on http://nfcs.net and the separation forum http://classicalvoices.net.